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- INTIMIDAT3R 6/9/2023
"Absolutely LOVED this place! We spent a long time here on a self-guided tour going through all the buildings and looking at all pieces of history here. There's all sorts of history here and little gems like a Bradford Hotel Guest Book with the last 2 entries being none other the leaders of the outlaw James/Younger Gang... Frank & Jessie James. I'm sure we missed a lot cuz there's so many things to see. We lucked out with the weather today. It was nice and cool when we walked through around 11:00 AM. Only a couple of the buildings have A/C so go early if it's going to be hot or you'll regret it. Be carefull of the Laundry Building, there were a few hornets buzzing around. Where you see 2 hornets, the rest of their evil brethren aren't too far away. Overall, a very enjoyable tour! Great for the younger generation, those who are young at heart, or anywhere in between. It's beside the Little Brown Church so you can't miss it."